Family owned and operated businesses are generally blessed with uniquely rich histories, so we were thrilled to get the call from Sonderen Packaging when their 50th Anniversary rolled around. Currently led by the third generation of Sonderens, they sought to create a legacy video to share at their anniversary celebration that also had a shelf life to share on their website and educate customers and industry contacts about their business history and company culture.

In addition to a promotional video, Sonderen was in need of product and staff photography to build out their new website. As we met staff and learned more about the culture at Sonderen Packaging, it was very inspiring to realize it is an exceptionally people-focused company. Not only do they cultivate “customers for life” with their customer service practices and quality products, but they treat employees like family. Telling the story of Sonderen meant showcasing their genuine outside-the-box focus: that even in the world of manufacturing custom paper packaging, you can still be all about people.

Package Product Photography

For the majority of our images, we had the opportunity to focus on the people of Sonderen Packaging: new management and office staff portraits, along with candid and group photos of warehouse staff for the website. In addition, we were able to craft a collection of product shots, including the fun challenge of shooting white boxes over a white background. Good times all the way around!


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Written By Rob Kennedy

Rob has 13 years of experience in information technology, from traditional programming and leading a department at a prominent international software company to more nontraditional roles integrating technology into new industries. He has used the skills and insight built over that time to craft his own unique system for building and managing websites. Rob has a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization and what makes a website successful. He has a proven track record of championing websites to the top of Google searches, especially ones he has gotten to build. He is also a skilled videographer, and this experience in composition and storytelling lends itself powerfully to the Web.