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Generosity manifests itself in many ways and is at the heart of human connectivity. Being generous in business is extremely important, in the interest of giving back to our communities and building a livelihood that is fulfilling, but it can be a tricky path even with the purist intentions. As consumers we’ve become extremely cynical, always looking for the catch, so as business people we must be very careful about how we express our generosity so that it isn’t interpreted as self-serving. Generosity, by definition, is supposed to be selfless.

So, when talking about generosity in business, I’m not talking about a BOGO sale or a giveaway drawing to gather email addresses. Not that you shouldn’t use these marketing techniques, but they aren’t examples of being generous. True generosity in business is something that will make your customers’ day, no strings attached. It always feels good to make someone’s day a little brighter and their load a bit lighter… The ripple effect of a positive experience is impossible to measure, but it certainly improves the lives of those around us and has the potential to impact our community at large.

If you have a physical storefront, it may be as simple as making complimentary treats freely available for your customers. I love going to my chiropractor’s office because they have really good Keurig coffee and individual creamers. I look forward to it. It makes my day. It sounds silly, but I will probably keep going to Roybal Chiropractic as long as they have that coffee machine.

Generosity can also take the form of charity work. Fellow EWI member Umpqua Bank actually pays their employees’ their full hourly wage for time spent volunteering, up to 40 hours per year. Many companies encourage and support their staff in volunteering their time, which benefits the community in which they operate as well at the company culture.

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If you are a small operation without a storefront, one of the ways your generosity can find an outlet is with sharing information. Blogging on your website about useful advice or how-tos that could benefit your audience is an increasingly popular and appreciated method of giving.

So, what are some ways that you can express your generosity through your work? What are some things that you’ve done in the past that have made an impact on your company and your community? What generosity from a business made the biggest impression on you?

Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) is an admirable local non-profit that partners with schools, businesses, public agencies, and citizens to promote good character traits among our city’s youth and our community. Having pledged as a PACE Partner, Rogue Heart Media is charged with helping to raise awareness about the importance of good character throughout our community. Find out more about PACE at

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Written By Mallory Battista

Mallory has a bachelor’s degree in Business and over 10 years of experience in marketing, print and Web design, brand development, copywriting, and creative promotional campaign development. Whether designing Web pages, print campaigns, or a start-up’s branding identity, she connects clients with truly unique creative design and the materials and media to best garner results.