Northern Quest Event Photography
Last Thursday through Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend the Annual Spring Conference for Executive Women International, hosted here in Spokane. As the Historian for the local EWI chapter, Megan had her camera handy to document the event as we attended the programming and met many of the talented women who had traveled here from all over the country to attend the conference. Being around so many businesswomen, all there to learn and network and encourage each other, made for such an inspiring event.

Northern Quest Event Photography

On Thursday, EWI of Spokane celebrated its 35th anniversary at the Red Lion Hotel, and all conference attendees were invited. The view of the city and the river at sunset from the vantage point of the Skyline Ballroom was stunning, and a perfect way to welcome our out of state guests to Spokane. Several of the EWI of Spokane leadership spoke, as well as Mayor Condon and former Washington State Senate majority leader Dr. Lisa Brown. Rogue Heart Media also premiered the EWI of Spokane 35th Anniversary Video at the dinner, and it was a huge hit.


The 35th Anniversary celebration was my first time attending an EWI event, and my presence caused a lot of confusion. I am grateful that my twin sister is who she is, because if you’re going to be oft mistaken for someone else it’s nice when that someone else is so well liked. I haven’t been the recipient of so many looks of recognition from strangers since Meg and I went to WSU together but had different majors. It’s a great way to meet people though… “Hey Megan, great haircut!” “Well, actually I’m Megan’s twin sister, Mallory, but thank you!”

Team Photo EWI Spokane

The next day, the conference kicked off at Northern Quest Casino and the day’s programming kept us busy. Marty Dickinson of Sterling Bank (now Umpqua Bank) gave a motivational speech about weathering challenges and transitions. Megan and I then attended the Academy of Leadership, lead by Lori Giovannoni, and we learned more about defining our personal brand and understanding our individual leadership styles with a simplified DiSC assessment.  No surprise that Megan received the grade of Wonder Woman!

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