For over 50 years, Sonderen Packaging has been creating custom paperboard packaging for all types of products; from baked goods to ammunition, their clients represent a wide range of industries. Currently, they are leading the pack in creating packaging solutions for the emerging industry of cannabis products, which has been quickly flourishing in the Pacific Northwest. To reach additional customers in this new arena, Sonderen is going on the road to the Indo Expo in Portland, Oregon which is host to booths featuring growers, manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry… and Sonderen will be well-equipped with examples of packaging solutions for vapors, tinctures, edibles, and other products… some of which we were able to photograph this week in the studio for them as they were creating their trade show marketing materials and displays.

Spokane Product Photography

This packaging gives future clients insight into the various types of packing that Sonderen has to offer.

Sonderen Product Photography

The challenge of shooting prototype boxes is to find the best way that displays the 3-D object and design space for the understand of the client. In some cases, we had to shoot the same box from multiple different angles in order to show the true form and function of the packaging.

Sonderen Spokane Product Photography

Sonderen decided to invest in tracking the success of the event as well, so we created a custom landing page, which allows them to direct new contacts to a specific URL and after the event, we are informed on the amount of traffic that they gained from the event itself. The site displays more information about the types of packaging that Sonderen has to offer specific to the industry, along with a link to blog content about a cannabis client they’ve previously served. We also added a QR code on their brochures that links to the site for added convenience. This page will help us after the event to see how many Indo Expo attendees followed through to learn more about our friends at Sonderen.

Wish them luck, and if you are around Portland this weekend, be sure to stop by booth #217!

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