Spokane Viral Promotional Video
We are so thrilled for local non-profit, Full Bloom, for the recent digital round of applause they received from The Internet, thanks to the feature by the popular website Upworthy.com! The promotional video that we donated nearly two years ago spiked in popularity as The Internet wanted to learn more about Full Bloom and its founder, Shawn Chamberlain, and it has now been viewed 25.9 thousand times! Congratulations Shawn, and thank you for all the wonderful work you do, brightening hospice residents’ days with flowers!

Check out the video below, as well as the photos from the same session.

Post Falls Video Production

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Written By Mallory Battista

Mallory has a bachelor’s degree in Business and over 10 years of experience in marketing, print and Web design, brand development, copywriting, and creative promotional campaign development. Whether designing Web pages, print campaigns, or a start-up’s branding identity, she connects clients with truly unique creative design and the materials and media to best garner results.