It is hard to adequately convey the joy of equipping lovely individuals with tools to promote their passions. Lucky us, we get the honor of doing that daily for our clients, but a particularly lively and fun opportunity materialized lately in the form of our Headshot Giveaway Contest! We ended up with two deserving winners from a pool of wonderfully unique local professionals… and our winners both just so happened to work in creative fields: our randomly generated winner is an author of diverse talent and ambition, and our popular vote winner is a voice-over actress, director, and costumer with an impressive film and theatrical resume.

Let’s start with Rebecca, our popular vote winner. Her headshots needed to serve a specific and slightly more rigid purpose… that of an actor headshot, a tool utilized with agencies and casting directors. On the other hand, Rebecca’s voice-over and audiobook recording work allowed for us to show off a bit more creative range in personality. Both directions were best suited with a studio shoot, and we simply had a blast working with her, and the exceptionally talented hair and make-up artist Kara McCollum.






We wish Rebecca all the best as she continues to grow her career, and know that her new headshots will serve her well!

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Written By Megan Kennedy

Megan is an award-winning photographer and videographer with over 10 years of video production experience, from directing and editing national PSA campaigns to producing feature-length documentaries. Video is Megan's long-time passion, and her extensive work has been internationally distributed and has won many industry awards for excellence in production and storytelling. Megan also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in portraiture, product photography, event coverage, and creative photography for Web design.