Photo Process

Our process leading up to and during photo production leaves lots of room for feedback and collaboration. It is important for us to know that we are on the right track for your image goals throughout the process. You are encouraged to offer feedback regarding the look and style, including talent and location selection and the flavor of the appearance and performance during the shoot. Depending on the scope of production, the images will often be viewable during acquisition via tethering to a laptop while on site, allowing for immediate feedback and adaptation. Following the shoot, the collection of optimal images will be made available in an Online gallery for you to pick your favorite selects for final editing and licensing.

Here is the breakdown of the stages for photography:


This stage includes creative development,location scouting, casting, and coordinating with you to schedule the shoot days with the selected subjects. Also, for certain shoots it involves creating a detailed shot list and lighting diagram based on our location visit.


This stage is the shooting itself, lighting and stylizing to suit the space, and crafting the shots to suit your uses. We utilize an array of lighting equipment, including strobes and various modifiers, and our many lenses help us achieve a variety of unique looks as desired.


The final stage involves color grading, touch-ups, any planned compositing to overcome limitations of the space or ambient (window) light, etc. Some of this work may be done prior to Online Gallery creation in order to convey the possibilities of the final image, while some of this work is best left until after your final selection has been made so time is not wasted on an image you may not elect to license.


With Rogue Heart, the costs associated with commercial portraiture and other photography is made up of the session rate (shooting time) and the licensing rate (per image delivered). A digital gallery is provided so that your team may easily select their favorite images, and selects are then retouched/edited for final licensing and delivery. Every deliverable image gets the attention to detail it deserves, so everyone can be proud of their professional representation. For our commercial clients, we license our images for $40/image for print or web use, or $55/image for the marketing bundle of print and web use rights. Advertising and editorial use rates are determined based on intended use.

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