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Video is an effective way to demonstrate your company’s expertise in its field, educate your customers about what makes your product or process unique, and highlight your strengths for broadcast or the internet at large. Whether it’s going to live on your company website or be screened for potential clients as part of your sales pitch, industry videos are a valuable tool in communicating your brand.

“At the first meeting with Megan and Rob, my brother and I were describing the things that we felt were important to include in a new company video. After patiently listening to us ramble on, Megan said very simply, ‘So you want me to capture the SPIRIT of Sonderen.’ At that moment, I knew she understood and that this was a match made in heaven. Megan has a way with putting people at ease with her warm, engaging and easygoing personality. The interview questions for our owners, employees, and customers were constructed in such a way that they elicited genuine answers which turned out to be excellent content for the video. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rogue Heart on this legacy-building media project and I would recommend them to any company who was looking to capture the SPIRIT of their company through photo or video.” – Keva Sonderen | Co-Owner, Sonderen Packaging

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