Video Process

Our video production process leading up to delivery leaves lots of room for feedback and collaboration. It is important for us to know that we are on the right track for your content goals throughout the process so that there can be maximal creativity and minimal surprises. Drafts of the video edits are provided digitally or screened in person to allow for discussion of changes. When approval is met, each video is prepared for archive and delivery, compressed to optimally suit your dissemination methods such as streaming online or for disc.

Here is the breakdown of the stages for video:


This stage includes all development, writing interview questions and the program outline, coordinating with you to schedule the shoot days with the selected subjects, and gathering important elements for the edit, such as logos, branding specs, existing imagery, etc.


This stage is the shooting itself, lighting and conducting the interviews, and capturing cover footage and establishing shots. During this stage we often utilize multiple camera packages and tools to adapt to the environment and type of content. Some tools are better suited for interviews and the subject interactions, and some tools offer more flexibility and agility when shooting in a high-paced situation.


The final stage is where the magic really happens, as we create a compelling narrative and focused story that conveys your message in an authentic and engaging way. Once a video is locked for content, we treat the footage with color correction and complete the sound design for a high-impact viewing experience.

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