Design Process

Our methodology revolves around a simple truth, that the web site is the bedrock of your marketing efforts. It can help generate leads if you have good organic placement, but ultimately what distinguishes a functional website from a simple digital brochure is its ability to convert. It is telling the story of your business, your staff, and your clients to your prospective clients.

Organic Reach

We are advocates for building a strong web presence, and feel it is important to be champions for organic reach. Organic reach simply means your website ranks well in search engines and gets great visibility. The alternative to organic reach is paid reach, which takes form in things like google ads, and paid promotions through social media.

Web Design Process Spokane

User Experience

When we look at UX we’re looking at two user groups, your clients and, and your staff that maintains the website. The experience should always feel intuitive, it should be easy to find relevant information, and we implement a number of tools and diligently monitor analytics to make sure that it is.


There are some qualitative elements in marketing certainly, it’s not all about the numbers, we’re not going to demand you calculate your ROI to a fraction of a percent… but we do like numbers. Getting an idea of how many impressions you are getting and what your conversions are can really help you make sound decisions with your marketing budget. If you website is getting 10K hits a month but the phone isn’t ringing then maybe it’s time to invest in a video or something that will improve conversions, inversely if you are not getting the impressions on your site then evaluating your online presence and investing in some digital campaigns is probably an important focus. We don’t have a cookie cutter template for reporting metrics to clients, as we design your site and understand your marketing plan we’ll identify metrics that are important to your business and put a system in place to share the site data with you.


We don’t build websites using stock photos. Professional photography is a requirement for us to take on a project. If you haven’t have professional photos taken we can include that as a line item in the proposal, and you might be surprised how completive the total price is to a conventional website. In lieu of not having good images web companies typically have to budget enough design time to make attractive digital elements, and often times having photos is not only more cost effective but they can also be used in print and digital campaigns and strengthen your brand cohesion.

If you have a staff photographer we don’t require you contract with us for photography, but we do need to review your media library before signing a contract.