We’ve all heard the old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it remains true. But what has changed is where these first impressions are made. Google and other search engines have become the tools of choice for potential customers and prospective employers, so our digital portraits often make our first impressions for us. An up-to-date and flattering, perhaps even creative, headshot is essential to putting your best face forward and creating a positive and confidence-building first impression. So once you have a professional headshot that you love, make sure you utilize it in all of your marketing channels.


On your own website | At the very least, you should have a winning headshot on your “About” page. Depending on your industry, it may be appropriate to feature your portrait more prominently, such as on the homepage, in order to make an immediate connection with visitors.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc. | If you aren’t currently using LinkedIn or social media to promote yourself and your business, that is another issue we need to discuss… we’ll climb up on that soapbox at a later time.


Incorporating a headshot into your print material not only makes recipients take closer notice, it will create a more lasting impression. Consider including your headshot in print as well, if it is appropriate to your industry.


Business Cards | Have you ever found a business card in your wallet and had trouble remembering the person, or attended a networking event and couldn’t remember whose card went with which person? If you have your headshot on your cards, good luck confusing people like that.

Flyers, Brochures, Letters of Solicitation | This will bring a human element to your marketing materials, especially for recipients who have never met you or others from your organization.

Formal Proposals | Including portraits of the team members who will be involved in the project you’re bidding can create a connection and a feeling of trust in their abilities.

Having a headshot that you feel reflects your professionalism, confidence, unique personality, and competence has never been more important. Developing your “personal brand” and protecting that first impression begins with your profile picture: your digital greeting.

If you were to imagine a caption for your portrait, what would it say? How about for the portraits below? Make sure your head shot is greeting visitors confidently, attracting the quality of clients you want to work with or the job you want to snag.


“… The opportunities that one gets in life can be very much shaped by one’s face,” proclaims Nicholas Rule, a psychologist from the University of Toronto. In a recent interview with Live Science, Rule shared the discovery that first impressions remain a strong influence in our interactions, undoubtedly shaping our relationships and resulting opportunities. When interacting with someone we’ve recently met, Rule shared that “… their face is a constant reminder to us of that initial impression,” and that with more time, people recover their knowledge of what they learned about the person, but first impressions remain very important and seem not to fade.

We’d love to help make sure your first impressions speak authentically to your unique qualities, so we encourage you to give us a call and learn more about creating a professional headshot with Rogue Heart Media.

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Written By Megan Kennedy

Megan is an award-winning photographer and videographer with over 10 years of video production experience, from directing and editing national PSA campaigns to producing feature-length documentaries. Video is Megan's long-time passion, and her extensive work has been internationally distributed and has won many industry awards for excellence in production and storytelling. Megan also leads the team’s photography services, specializing in portraiture, product photography, event coverage, and creative photography for Web design.