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Last week started out with a bang of positive energy that just didn’t stop: the wave carried us through Friday and is still lending us momentum now. The reason is twofold. First, Megan found an amazing free organizational tool called Trello. With over 1 million active users in a given month, we certainly aren’t the first to have discovered the awesomeness of Trello, and it has transformed our organization methods and how we are able to communicate about our various work projects. We have used other project management tools in the past, but the way that Trello allows you to organize your different tasks (or “cards”) into multiple lists on multiple boards, really resonated with all of us. With the ability to add multiple people to each card, create checklists and deadlines, leave comments, attach files, and more all within each task (and you can create multiple lists of tasks, and multiple boards of lists, and you receive email notifications regarding progress and deadlines), you can create the ultimate To-Do List. It’s amazing!

The second factor was that Megan used this tool to enable us each to make a wish list: a place to make note of those little things that need done but aren’t pressing enough that they make it to the top of the list. These wish lists populated quickly. All those little nagging to-dos that are alternately forgotten and remembered but always itching the back of our minds came pouring out, and with Trello’s ability to assign other people to the task cards, we were able to document our wishes for each other too. Megan proposed that we have a weekly contest and created a point system that would instill some friendly competition and incentivise that those wish list items get completed. 1 point would be awarded for each wish checked off our own list, and 2 points for each item completed that was assigned to us on someone else’s list. These points, along with those accumulated from completing jobs on our Video Production, Commercial Photography, and Web Design boards, would be added up every Friday and the person with the most would get to choose what the group of us would have for a Friday treat.

Talk about incentive! We all have fairly competitive personalities and are highly motivated by sugar. Now we were not only grateful when someone completed one of our wish list tasks, we were grateful to be assigned new tasks. More points for the earning! We got a lot of items checked off last week, and as we were nearing the end to the day on Friday, I was scrambling to try to fit in just one more item even as Megan was tallying the points. It was perhaps fitting that Megan won the first week of our new Friday Treat Challenge, but there were no losers as we all got a lot accomplished and all got to partake in the treat of her choosing. Wise leader that she is, she chose well, and at the close of business on Friday we all headed down to our local Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market for Fannie’s Ice Pops. So delicious! We chose to all get different flavors so that we could each try them: blueberry-lemon-mint, strawberry cream, and lavender lemonade.

thankful for spokane

thankful for spokane

thankful for spokane

Gratitude punctuated the whole week, but it was especially strong on Friday. We were grateful to have gotten so much done, grateful to each other for all the hard work, grateful to have such a strong supportive team and work environment, and grateful to be able to go out and celebrate together. We are exceptionally lucky to get to do what we love, and we are excited that this new Friday Treat Challenge will also be getting us out and supporting other local businesses that are following their passions too.

thankful spokane

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