Though we are all familiar with the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” authors know that great cover design is vital to the success of their books. We were honored to be able to work with Spokane author Kate Poitevin on her debut Young Adult Fantasy novel, Saving Tir Gaeltacht. Getting to design the cover was especially fun with the illustration around the title, and using our own photos to create the composite in the background. We also got to flex our own writing muscles for the blurb on the back.



In addition to designing the cover, we drew a custom map of her fantastical world for the interior.


Kate knew she needed a professional author photo to include in her book, as well as for use on the Web for promoting her book. We decided on a studio shoot for her author headshot.





“Working with Rogue Heart Media on my book was wonderful.

Megan is a talented photographer and she made me look better than I ever have! It took me weeks to whittle down my choices to the best five and then another month of asking for help from friends and family. They all had different favorites so that wasn’t much help. Finally, I went with Megan’s choice and am happy I did.

Mallory is a wonderful artist and I had full confidence that she would create a cover that I would be happy with, so I left her to do her magic. When I first saw it, I was stunned! Everyone who has seen it, who doesn’t already know how talented she is, has been amazed at what a professional look it has and how she put so much of the feel of the book in one picture. The artwork around the title blows us all away! When added to Megan’s photo of the Palouse, it was even better than I could have imagined.

Thank you Rogue Heart for giving me the cover of my dreams!”

Kate Poitevin, author of Saving Tir Gaeltacht

Kate will be signing copies of Saving Tir Gaeltacht at Hastings Entertainment on 15312 E. Sprague Avenue here in Spokane this Saturday, February 7th, from 11am until 4pm, along with Mystery author Sue Eller. Come get your copy of this fantastic book!


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Written By Mallory Battista

Mallory has a bachelor’s degree in Business and over 10 years of experience in marketing, print and Web design, brand development, copywriting, and creative promotional campaign development. Whether designing Web pages, print campaigns, or a start-up’s branding identity, she connects clients with truly unique creative design and the materials and media to best garner results.